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We are ready to make a quantum leap in real estate and are waiting for you to invest in us. We are announcing a series of meetings to discuss with you the development of this important sector.

You will find a great selection of properties for sale, including a wide selection of properties in Alanya, Istanbul, Ankara and other cities in Turkey. You can buy real estate from us if you are with an estate agent in Alanya Turkey who understands the rules and regulations.

If you decide to buy property in Turkey, you must make sure you have a reputable real estate agency. You need to have efficient experience, know Turkey in general and be willing to work hard for a good price for your property in Alanya, Istanbul, Ankara or any other city in Turkey.

If you want to work with a professional, it is very easy to contact an estate agent in Turkey. It is extremely advantageous to find an estate agent in Alanya, Turkey who knows sellers and professional dealers.

Turkish lawyer who can oversee your real estate transaction for your future property in Istanbul. TERRA Real Estate will help you find the best properties in Turkey, complete all legal procedures, prepare your documents free of charge and prepare you for the transaction. Please contact your team right from the start, we will prepare all documents for you free of charge.

In addition, due diligence is required at the time of purchase of property in Istanbul. Therefore, let our legal team in Turkey explain how to properly purchase property in any of the cities of Turkey. This is a matter for foreign citizens, whether you are buying property in Istanbul or another city. Lawyers from Turkey advise foreign citizens to check the property thoroughly to ensure it is free of debt and other technical problems. Turkish lawyer offers comprehensive legal advice. You can send your inquiry to an expert for all other questions related to the purchase of real estate, real estate management, legal, tax, etc.

Investors wishing to buy land in Turkey should check the plans of the local community when carrying out due diligence on the property. If you have agreed to an appointment with the Land Registry before the transfer of ownership rights, you must pay for it. People who wish to buy property in Turkey should be aware of the potential fraud that may occur, even if they do not have in mind the due diligence we require with regard to property.

A real estate agent in Turkey will try to help our clients with recommendations that can often be suitable for the real estate needs of the individual. An effective real estate agent for Turkey must be aware of the fraud potential when buying a property, even if the foreigner is on vacation.

If you have started to search the Turkish real estate listings, you will need to find an estate agent for you. Buying property in Turkey can be a very simple process if you find the right real estate agent and a good real estate agency for your needs. Over the years, we have earned a reputation for being one of the most reliable and trustworthy real estate consultants in the country. Turkish properties that we have only bought in Turkey to buy properties that meet their needs and budget.

We offer affordable and luxurious apartments in Turkey and we are able to offer you a wide range of properties for sale that offer affordable, luxurious and high quality properties in the country. We offer real estate sales throughout Turkey and offer a variety of different types of real estate, such as apartments, villas, hotels, condominiums and more.

We deliver more than 6% rental income after all expenses have been paid, and Antalya can enjoy a wide range of amenities such as hotels, restaurants, shopping and restaurants. Turkish properties for over 10,000 people looking for property to live permanently in Turkey, you will find that our properties in Fethiye, Bodrum, Antallya, including Side Kemer, are a natural favorite for all year round - life. We also offer apartments and condominiums in the neighboring cities of Kalkan and Bodrums, as well as in the city of Istanbul and neighboring cities.

Turkish real estate experts have already located hundreds of foreign buyers and homeowners in Turkey since 2004. We have successfully acquired tens of thousands of foreigners and together with the steep capital growth over several years you can build your own nest.

Istanbul, Antalya, Bursa and Ankara are the top cities in Turkey where real estate investment is highest in percentage terms. Foreign property purchases in Istanbul account for more than 80 percent of total foreign investment in the entire real estate market, which is estimated for 2020. According to statistics from the Turkish Association of Estate Agents, the two most popular cities for foreign property buyers in 2015 were Antallya (Fethiye Bodrum Side) and Istanbul.

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