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Here are some of the best things to do in Izmir, Turkey to travel back in time to ancient monuments and relax by the water. Here is the absolute best thing to do in the ancient Roman ruins of Istanbul, one of Turkey's most popular tourist destinations.

Here are 20 amazing things you need to do in Turkey that you don't do outside Turkey, and here will serve as a guide for those who are going to visit Turkey. Here we present 20 wonderful things you can do and leave on a trip to Turkey! Here are some mistakes to avoid, tips on how to travel on a budget, how to travel with family and friends while living and travelling in Syria, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Turkey and other parts of the world.

If you know other beautiful places in Turkey, you can share them in the comments. For more general information about Turkey, read our travel guide to plan your trip to Turkey (including visa information) and visit some of Turkey's most important sights. Then check out our blog Ultimate Turkey Itinerary, which will take you through the country for 14 days. The list of the ten best things to do in and around Turkey should also be the beginning of your itinerary.

If you haven't been convinced to visit Izmir yet, check out these 21 fun things to do in and around Izmir, from horseback riding to horse riding, horse racing and more.

Ankara, the capital of Turkey, is one of the best places to explore the snowy city in winter. It has Turkey's fourth busiest airport, so you might want to consider flying from Ankara rather than Istanbul. Chances are we will be flying from Istanbul, so we will start our 12-day trip here. Our proposed itinerary for eastern Turkey starts in Erzurum, which can be easily reached by plane from Istanbul, but Turkey is the country where most flights go to and from Turkey.

If you don't go skiing, stay in the big cities of Istanbul or Antalya and visit the winter wonderland of Cappadocia. Staying in a cave hotel in C appadogia is one of the best activities when you are in this area of Turkey. If you have little time in Istanbul and are not interested in nightlife, there are many fun things to do in and around Istanbul. We will stay in Sultanahmet, a major tourist attraction, and drive through the city on our way to Ankara, the most famous thing we will do in Turkey in the next few days.

We are also preparing for a trip to Konya, one of the most popular tourist attractions in Turkey, and also to Istanbul.

If you are an adrenaline seeker, don't forget to include a list of activities in Turkey in your itinerary. If you are planning a trip to Turkey, please tell us what you are doing, where you are staying, what you are eating and of course how much you like it! To connect with other travelers to Turkey about inspiration and information about Turkey Travel, visit our Facebook page. You can see our Istanbul Night Doodle Mail and our massive things to do about Istanbul that are making their way through the internet.

Sipping Turkish coffee, if you're not there yet, it should be on your list of top activities in Istanbul. Turkish restaurant guide, in our Turkish restaurant guide you will find 27 delicious things to eat and drink in Turkey. If you have tasted a little Turkish history, you should try Turkish wine, which is one of the most popular wines in the country and also a great source of information about the history behind it.

The visit to Pamukkale and Hieropolis can take about a day, depending on how much you want to explore. If you are travelling to Turkey, we recommend you pull up your itinerary and take note of some of the Turkish breakfast offers you can try out now. To make things easier for other visitors, this list is made up of 25 places to visit, all of which you can find here. Here is a complete list of the most popular tourist attractions in Istanbul.

The list of activities in Turkey is almost endless, but a key factor that affects the wider choice of "things to do" in Turkey is when you visit Turkey. Until then, we recommend visiting one of Istanbul's most popular tourist attractions, such as Taksim Square or the Grand Palace.

Sailing in Turkey is one of our favorite pastimes - summer, and most backpackers finish their trip with a trip to the Mediterranean. The Turks prefer this kind of relaxation at sea, but it can be done at any time of the year, whether on a boat, on the beach or even in a kayak. Ferries depart every day, making it an easy and fun thing to do in Istanbul, and a great way to relax at sea.

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